ASSURANT™ Crosswalk Model

With the ASSURANT™ Suite of software tools, you will feel secure knowing your cyber vulnerabilities have been addressed and you have the documentation to prove it.

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Crosswalk of ASSURANT™ Suite

The DoD has established an over-arching process to guide the Test and Evaluation community in assessing cybersecurity and resilience in weapon systems. The DoD publication Cybersecurity Test and Evaluation Guidebook outlines the process and identifies activities to be performed and documents to be produced. While developed for the acquisition community as guidance in the procurement of new systems, the Guidebook and the process it describes are applicable to and valuable for system development, modernization, and cyber awareness assessment at any stage in the system lifecycle.

Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. (KBSI), developer of the ASSURANT™ Suite of cybersecurity assessment tools, has constructed an activity model of the process described in the Guidebook to help influence further development of the ASSURANT™ Suite. The model will assist users in placing the ASSURANT™ Suite within the Guidebook’s process. The IDEF-0 modeling formalism was utilized. The table below describes the current fit of the ASSURANT™ Suite to the Guidebook’s process. As the Suite matures and is enhanced, this table will be updated to reflect new capabilities.

The IDEF-0 model of activities to which this table refers can be found here. Providers of cybersecurity assessment capabilities and users of the Guidebook process are encouraged to use this model as a reference for placing their offerings in the context of the DoD’s cybersecurity test and evaluation process.

To use this model below, click on the links in the left frame to review the model data in the right frame.

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