Cyber Attack Survivability

The ASSURANT™ Suite – helping you pre-empt attacks:

What Does ASSURANT™ Do?



ASSURANT™ provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop, topological modeling capability in which you model your cyber-physical system – down to the component and bus level. The model can be annotated with key parameters necessary to identify and assess cyber vulnerability.



A flexible graphical presentation of the cyber-physical system model promotes common understanding of your system and rapid identification of cyber-security issues and opportunities.



ASSURANT™ can make use of existing threat and vulnerability databases, such as the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) dataset, to identify potential vulnerabilities in your system; can identify and evaluate attack paths; and can calculate risk scores using several common techniques.



ASSURANT™ contains a template-based report generation capability that can generate reports supporting cybersecurity risk assessment (CRA) and can support many common compliance reporting requirements, such as Government Authority to Operate (ATO) documentation.

Identify and Prioritize Your Business Cyber Risks Quickly and Efficiently

Risk & Compliance Reporting

  • Critical Functions Analysis
  • Security Assessment Report
  • Risk Assessment Report
  • Plan of Action & Milestone Report
  • Others…
Picture of Cyber Attack Survivability Understand Your System

Understand Your Entire System

Use Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE)to understand your IT and Operational Technology Assets.

Monitor Your Vulnerabilities

Continuously monitor known vulnerabilities tactics and susceptibilities.

Picture of monitors that are monitoring potential cyber attack threats
Picture of Cyber Survivability Business Impacts

Determine Business Impacts

Conduct AI based attack path analysis.

Mitigation Planning Capability

Stopping attacks before they happen by having tested mitigation plans.

Picture of Cyber Survivability Mitigation Planning Capability

Improve Penetration Testing

  • Pre-Plan your testing with Attack Path Analysis
  • Separation-of-Scope: Keep your testing results segmented
  • Pre- Plan mitigation actions and do passive testing
  • Run frequent tests before engaging expensive teams
  • Keep up with adversary tactics
  • Trust, Cost, Intelligence Improvements

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