Cyber Attack Survivability

The ASSURANT™ Suite Helping you Pre-Empt Attacks:

  • Visualizing the Platform
  • Simulating Attacks
  • Testing Mitigations
  • Scoring your Risk

Does the Possibility of Cyber Attacks Keep You Up At Night?

Will a cyber attack stop your business? Will you be able to recover?
Will your reputation be irreparably damaged?

Identify and Prioritize Your
Business Cyber Risks Quickly and Efficiently

Risk & Compliance Reporting

  • Critical Functions Analysis
  • Security Assessment Report
  • Risk Assessment Report
  • Plan of Action & Milestone Report
  • Others…
Picture of Cyber Attack Survivability Understand Your System

Understand Your Entire System

Model your IT and Operational
Technology Assets.

Monitor Your Vulnerabilities

Continuously monitor known vulnerabilities tactics and susceptibilities.

Picture of monitors that are monitoring potential cyber attack threats
Picture of Cyber Survivability Business Impacts

Determine Business Impacts

Conduct AI based attack path analysis.

Mitigation Planning Capability

Stopping attacks before they happen by having tested mitigation plans.

Picture of Cyber Survivability Mitigation Planning Capability

ASSURANT™ Works With

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