With the ASSURANT™ Suite of software tools, you will feel secure knowing your cyber vulnerabilities have been addressed and you have the documentation to prove it.


What Our Clients Say

“This system allowed me to identify missing components when the model validation engine ran. These were components which had infrequent changes and therefore were not commonly documented. The ASSURANT™ model told us that there were some elements missing. When we compared our sources against the model result, we discovered existing legacy components which had previously lacked documentation. The addition of these components to the model has given us confidence in the model’s completeness and improved our cyber readiness.”

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Cyber Model Engineer

“Without the ASSURANT™ attack path analysis visual capability, it’s difficult to explain the complexities of a cyber battlespace to non-experts, and us good guys in the fight are often only learning from our mistakes in the wake of a cyber-attack. The different ways to visualize attack paths allows time to get ahead of the tactics and techniques of cyber actors by allowing us to simulate “black hat” scenarios for when a network artifact becomes compromised.”

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Attack Path Analyst

“The Authority-To-Operate (ATO) creation process, which has historically bogged down our office, is reinitiated every time a modification occurs on our assigned aircraft. Now that we have an ASSURANT™  model created and validated, we can easily edit the model, share the revisions across our team, and auto-generate ATO products that only require minor edits in the export file format. I’d say with ASSURANT™ the [ATO creation] process is cut down by more than 50% and saves us time to carry the organization’s mission forward.”

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ATO Document Management Leader

“Applying mitigation strategies to newly discovered vulnerabilities requires a quick turnaround, and it’s difficult to know where to start. Thankfully ASSURANT™ offers advisor services which allowed me to compare the cost of adding new controls and to identify critical areas for optimizing my organization’s security profile given the current cost and time constraints. These services show me the actionable first steps, while also giving me visibility into strategies for which to plan in the next budget cycle.”

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Financial Manager

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